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4 x Triple Crown Winner
5 time winner of Anchorage Fur Rendezvous Open World Championship
7 time winner of Exxon Mobil Open
12 time winner of Open North American Championship
12 time winner of Tok Race of Champions

Egil Ellis and Helen Lundberg

This is a web site covering our adventures raising, training and racing sled dogs. Here you will find information on our kennel, recent news about races and training, past race results, and those dogs currently at stud. About us.

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Willow January 6th Another racing season underway with our dogs here in Alaska

6egilteam.jpg: 400x300, 13k (January 06, 2014, at 09:27 PM)
Training 20 dogs longer miles at Montana Creek trails early January 2014.

2013/2014 racing season is under way… since last posting we have gone through a typical summer and fall here in Alaska. Mix of rain and sun…
We have reduced the kennel to 20 race dogs and one litter of pups and two cats. Fall training started out as usual, dogs on the walker and by mid October team training. Snow was late but finally arrived by mid December and now we are sitting in a winter wonderland…with over 3 feet of snow.
We ended 2013 with racing at the Montana Creek Championship.
Helen did a great job with her 8-dog team in the Open class and hung on to a podium place, third. Egil had Sunday’s fastest run and climbed to a second place, 26 seconds behind Arleigh Reynolds, who won the club Championship. Great weekend for our nine young dogs to get tons of valuable experience and we figured out many things about them that you normally don’t see in every day training situations. Trails where a bit faster today and temps cooler, got a few sniffs at 20+ mph for the first time this season and it felt niiiiice!
Training rolls on with getting the team ready for the main event of the season – Anchorage Fur Rendezvous Open World Championship “Rondy”!
To make our snowy/rainy Monday just a little bit brighter I prepared Alaskan salmon baked on a cedar plank in the oven topped with buttery herbs. Bon appetite!
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Egil Ellis & Helen Lundberg

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