5 Games You Were Forced To Play In P.E.

The majority of people dreaded the P.E. period part of the day because you were forced to put on smelly, unflattering clothing while participating in competitive, controlled games.

If you were anything like me, you came prepared with a plethora of excuses from forgotten clothes to fake sick notes because this was torture.


Besides the awkward initial teaming up part, divided into the popular kids and geeky nerds, you were automatically considered a winner or loser, depending on your side. Subconsciously, you end up releasing all of your anger by targeting everyone, letting all hell break loose. I preferred to creep in the back before pretending to get hit, so I could sit on the bench and socialize.

Capture The Flag:

A game for the football fanatics that were overly competitive and would go on to pursue football careers in high school. It was funny seeing opposing colors gossiping in little groups scattered throughout the fields, scared shitless of being stampeded or hit in the head by the flying ball.

The majority of the time I would end up ripping my damn flag off my belt because I didn’t find humor in it being ripped off aggressively by someone else.


Not entirely sure what the purpose was of this game but the second it was out on the field you knew you were in for some floor work and arm raises. If you sat next to your friends you could have some gossip time but keeping up with all the weird rules was exhausting, not just physically.

Trying to remember the people that had to switch under the parachute on the count of three while balancing a ball on top of the parachute created more anxiety than pop quizzes.

Red Rover:

This game always singled out the popular kids because you had to know other people’s names, which obviously wasn’t realistic. If you were lucky enough, you flew under the radar and would never have to run full-speed into someone’s arms trying to break them apart.

Such an awkward concept, making you physically ram all of your weight into your classmates, hoping that their weak arms don’t snap in half. One pro of this game was that you were able to purposely stand next to your crush so you could hold hands.


A game that singled you out if you weren’t physically fit in any way, shape or form. You could be good at kicking that huge, red rubber ball but then you had to haul ass to the bases before they throw it at you mistaking it for dodgeball.

There were always the people that were way too confident in their kicking abilities and ended up missing the ball altogether, making them the laughing stock of the day. Fortunately, I found a way out of this nightmare by letting my team members know I would stay at the back of the line the entire time.

Now that I think of it, P.E. was the original Hunger Games.

Check out the video below to learn more about this!