Why you should game with your boyfriend

Does your boyfriend focus on his gaming systems more than he focuses on you? Does he spend all his money at game stop instead of on dates? Have you even seen him since 2K came out? Has he been awake for several days straight playing No Manís Sky? Do you think that Bioshock is a kind of cologne?

Firstly, I donít know if youíve noticed but youíre dating a gamer. You have my condolences. Secondly, all is not lost. Before you dump his cute, nerdy ass let me suggest an alternative: game with him. I know, I know it seems drastic. But I assure you itís worth it. While gaming might cause some damage to your social life I can promise it will revitalize your relationship in the long run.

How, you ask? Iíve compiled a list of reasons why you should buy a pair of Turtle Beaches and play some Co-Op with your videogame-obsessed bae.

1. Heíll be impressed that you want to spend time with him doing something he loves.
How many times have you forced your boyfriend to go shopping with you or listen to country music? Donít you love that rush of affection you feel when he takes interest in one of your hobbies? Playing videogames with your boyfriend is basically the equivalent of him listening to Taylor Swift with you.
Heíll feel all warm and fuzzy when you pick up the spare controller he bought you ñ that you have never used ñ and start a co-op campaign on Halo. Relationships are give and take. That means showing interest in the weird, nerdy shit he likes too.
Who knows, you might find that youíre really good a first person shooters!

2. Youíll learn to work as a team

One of the best parts about gaming as a couple is learning to work as a team. Some games like League or various FPSs instantly become much easier when you have someone on your side. Sure you have a team with LoL thereís nothing better than laneing with someone who actually has your back.

Youíll find that your communication skills will improve and youíll feel a sense of bonding after demolishing your opponents.

3. ÖOr youíll kindle friendly competition

Even if youíre not playing on the same team youíll find yourself engaging in a coy rivalry. Sure, you might be fighting to the death in Halo but afterwards all of that tension has to go somewhere. Thereís something inherently sexy about competition. My best guess is that youíll have some trying to distract one another while trying to take each other out in CoD or Mortal Kombat.
So girls, I encourage you to put aside the stereotypical thoughts you might have when it comes to gaming. If it wasnít so fun, there wouldnít be so many games and gaming systems out! I promise you that the look on your bfís face will be worth it when you ask him to teach you how to play one of his favorite games. So make a profile on his PS4 and let yourself nerd out a little bit. I promise youíll enjoy it, and so will he!

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