Training and racing

Training And Racing

Happy dogs that run because they love it, that is a big part of our philosophy with training and racing sled dogs. 

We believe that a dog that is healthy, well fed, trained for their task and well taken care of will also perform at it¹s best.

All our training is done with positive reinforcements and never asking for more than what the dogs can do.

Summer conditioning is done on a dog walker, which keeps the dogs in fairly good shape during the offseason. The dogs are walking until the end of September and by then they have about 220 miles on the walker.

By the time we start taking them out in teams with the 4-wheeler they are pretty well muscled and conditioned.

This makes the tough 4-wheel training a lot easier on their bodies.

In October and the two first weeks of November we train with the 4-wheeler. Usually we don¹t do more than 8 miles on bare ground before we are able to go on snow with sled.

Hopefully we can start training on snow in the middle of November.

By then we are doing runs from 10 miles and upon different kinds of trails, soft, punchy, and slow or hard-packed and fast.

Before the racing season starts in January we like to have a few long (25 miles) runs with the team to see how they react on the distance.

We try to do one or two local races in the beginning of the season for the yearlings to get a feel of racing before we go to the main races.

After that we go for the big ones. We have one or two main races every season that we try to peak for.

What does it take to win?

  • Good dogs.
  • Best training
  • Best feeding
  • Best care
  • The best equipment and all of the thousands of little details can make a big difference when it all has to come together on one weekend.

A good economi and lots of hard work. There are no shortcuts to victory!

Egil Ellis winner of IFSS World Championship Unlimited Class 2001 in Fairbanks, Alaska. Mike and Elvira in lead. 
Photo: Karl Heinz Raubuch,Schlittenhund Magazine

Helen Lundberg winner of IFSS World Championship 2001 in Fairbanks. Rusty
and Lira in lead. 
Photo: Karl Heinz Raubuch, Shclittenhund Magazine