Egil is playing with some of this years puppies and future stars on the team. He spends lot of time together with his puppies in his new puppie playground.

Egil Ellis and Martin Buser promoted sleddogsport, signed photos and answered hundreds of question Saturday the 27 of April when Alaska Animal Food Ware House had its 15th Anniversary Sale in the stores in Anchorage and Wasilla.

Martin Buser is the 2002 Iditarod Champion, this is his third victory on the Iditarod Trail and Egil Ellis just finished a racing season where he won the Anchorage Fur Rendezvous for the third time in a row and the Open North American Championship for the forth time in a row.

Egil takes third Exxon Mobile victory

Egil wrapped up a dominant weekend with a win Sunday, clocking the best day and overall times in the Exxon/Mobile Open Championships at Tozier Track 2 and 3rd February 2002.

Egil, who built a 30 second first day lead on Saturday, posted an overall time of 1 hour, 52 minutes and nine seconds.

Buddy Strepper was second at 1.53.01 followed by Eric Lanser at 1.54.36 and Helen Lundberg with a two day total of 1.55.20.

Ellis traveled the 18 mile course in 56.55 on Sunday, with Streeper putting up the second-fastest day time of 57.17.

Egil made his fist appearance in Alaska this season a perfect one by sweeping the mushing classes at the Alaska Dog Musher’s Gold Run.

Egil has won just about every race he’s entered for the past two years showed no signs of slowing down as he won both the 6-dog and the 10-dog classes in the first championship sprint race of the season in Alaska.

While Egil won a hotly contested battle in the 6-dog, he finished well ahead of the rest of the field in the 10-dog class , with his partner Helen

Lundberg claiming second place, proving once again that they will have the teams to beat in Alaska this year.

The 10-dog class was all Ellis and Lundberg. Ellis had the fastest time both days and sat a new trail record on Saturdays run with the time of 35.51,9 over the 12,2 mile long trail.

Egil Ellis

We are two Swedish dog-loving people and we have been into sled dogs since the beginning of the eighties. 1991 we decided to join forces. We both had a dream that one day we would be running a world class sprint open team.


Training and racing

Training And Racing

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The Kennel

Ellis Racing Sled Dogs kennel consist normally of 60 to 70 adults and 20 to 30 puppies. All the dogs have insulated doghouse with plenty of clean, fresh straw, year around. We keep the females in a separate fenced area in the kennel. All our…