To achieve good results training and racing with sled dogs you must give them top fuel!

We feed all our dogs Annamaet dry dog food. Annamaet dog food is a nutritionally complete and balanced dog food Feeding Annamaet, we are sure that our dogs get the best possible energy available.

To the soaked dry food we mix about 20- 40% of a meat mix consisting of chicken, beef, pork, liver and herring.

We also supplement this mixture with pure wheat germ oil from Skillingarydsalvan AB, Sweden.

One month before the racing season starts, around mid-December, we also start adding Cosanol 08. It is an extra energy supplement for hi-performance dogs. For more information contact:

Skillingarydsalvan AB, Sweden,

All our racing dogs are also supplemented with Novasta in their dog food. It is a Swedish produced dietary supplement.

Consisting of crushed and spray dried green microalgae rich in astaxanthin, a powerful antioxidant helping the dogs staying healthy and improving muscle endurance.