We know that a dog is excellent for your health and offers you wonderful companionship. Dogs are so important to their owners that in many cases they can enter into or break off a relationship. 

Chat with other pet owners in pet stores

If your dog is allowed to shop with you at your local pet store, the best way to pamper your fur baby is to bring him along to chat with your partner. I am a lifelong dog owner with 2 mongrel dogs Golden Aussies, which we found abandoned at the roadside as puppies. I want to help dog parents find unique ways to do things and save time and money – that’s why I wrote a box of dog tips and dog hacks that most people don’t even think about. 

Attend events with your dog

There are many charitable events with your dog which you can attend, such as Strutt Your Mutt, a charity dog walk by Best Friends Animal Society in towns across the United States. This is a great way to test how well a dog can get along with a significant other. Talk to your date about your dog and find out many great things you can do together, such as if you are both compassionate, kind and a little sentimental. 

My dog has helped me be in the right place at the right time and has had conversations with a number of potential dates. In fact, Jim says that the husband I met along the way, my dog, played an important role in the dating process.

Brining a dog on a date

If you bring your dog on a date, you probably don’t care what he thinks. Trust the dog’s instincts if he looks disillusioned with the date. If he’s not used to going out, having a long day to prepare for other reasons, or being grumpy around people, don’t let him be the deciding factor in whether you like your date. 

Dogs make their owners more attactive

Sex Friend, a local hookup app, surveyed more than 1,000 singles and asked whether dogs make owners more attractive. Sixty percent of dog owners said they share their pet with their dog. The top dogs that attract men are Chihuahua, Labrador Retriever and Golden Retriever. 

One of the most important results was that dogs had a greater positive influence on perceived attractiveness than cats. The study also concluded that dogs made men more attractive to women, but women were more likely to be less attractive to men. 

In one study, the presence of a dog increased its success when it asked women. In the study, he asked 240 women for their phone numbers 120 times, accompanied by a dog 120 times, one after the other. The women who were more likely to find attractive dogs were also more likely than those who found photos of dogs on online dating profiles to be intrusive. 

In a study conducted in France, men walked around asking girls for numbers with dogs. Researchers from France and the University of Southern Brettany found that men did better than 9 percent of women when asked to give a girl a number. 

Use a dating app for dog owners

To curb false pet owner profiles, you can find your dog-loving soulmate on a new dog-specific dating app called Dig. For those who want to maximize the attractiveness not only of their pet, but also of themselves, a dating site offers users the opportunity to judge how similar they are to their puppy.

The dating app Match.com offers a personality quiz where registered users can find out which breed of dog they like best. 

It’s the perfect low-key Valentine’s Day date for dog owners who just want to watch Netflix and chill out. Pop popcorn, pour wine and curl up on the couch with the dog.

A Valentine’s Day photo shoot is a fun way to spend time together and capture memories that will haunt you for years to come. If you want to impress your dog enthusiastic diary, look for events of the breed poultry breeding association and dog sport shows in your area. 

And My Final Thoughts…

It’s wonderful to know that dogs make men (and to a lesser extent women) more attractive. A lot of men get dogs to beat women in sitcoms, and it looks like they’re doing something right. A number of studies around the world have shown, from France to Israel, that a dog makes men attractive to women. 

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